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Kamakshi Jindal
June 20, 2022

With the advancement of technology, the advent of digital dashboards, and a wide range of mobile applications there has been a radical reformation in the real estate market. Technology has proved to be a boon in the case of real estate as it helps to speed up the transactions and coordinate the property management techniques.

After the pandemic, the advancement of technology in real estate has touched new heights. Keeping in mind all the health and safety concerns there has been substantial growth in property technology.

Technology today is benefiting both buyers and sellers. Starting from scratch, all the actions be it drafting, marketing, construction, or financing are all dependent upon technology today. In the past couple of years, there has been a huge shift from off-line to online buying of property which shows the immense impact of technology in the real estate sector.

From Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality, FIO Homes II have already imbibed the concept and enabled a virtual walk-through of their entire project and has witnessed significant growth in recent years.

With the rise of several platforms for property search, and the data being easily accessible online, the search for FIO Homes II is just a click away, as all the relevant information can easily be gathered online on your smartphones.

Technology has widely benefited the investors, as with the Predictive Analysis Technique, the investors can gauge the rise in the property prices and evaluate the possible rise in the future.

The concept of a Smart Home has been made possible with FIO Homes II, where a large number of gadgets and appliances work by managing the devices on an application based on your smartphone. Setting reminders, managing your bills, etc. all require modern infrastructural facilities, which are easily supported by our project.

Due to a rapid increase in the demand for societies and flats, the growing rate of urbanization, and a drastic change in lifestyles, the advancement of technology has proved to be a blessing. People sitting in far-off places can get an exact picture of the flat they want, either for residing or for sale and purchase can do all their transactions online within a short period, all as a result of technology. FIO Homes II, an ultra-modern project, suits the requirements of all kinds of buyers and provides them with an online facility for all their transactions. The cloud services have benefitted the real estate stakeholders as they can easily access any property documents from their current location.

Moreso, easy financing options available with FIO Homes II have made it possible for the buyers to invest here.

The old and conventional methods have easily been replaced by the new real estate technology, where Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation have revolutionized the real estate sector, making it more user-friendly, convenient, and reliable. Technology is bound to grow in the coming years which is going to result in the ease of transactions, transparency, and advanced mechanism.