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November 26, 2022

Owning a home today is a matter of great joy and pride. From being a valuable possession, it
has now become a necessity and FIO HOMES 2 is just the right choice. It may seem like a
cumbersome job initially as it involves a lot of paperwork and consumes a lot of time but once
the documentation is complete and paperwork is done, the feeling of finally owning a property
brings about a smile on the face of the owner.

A home purchase agreement is a legally binding contract between buyer and seller which
outlines the terms and conditions that safeguard the interests of both parties, the buyer and the
seller. FIO HOMES 2 assists in the smooth proceedings of the sale, covering a purchase price
that is decided between the buyer and the seller. More so, it is also recommended that the
contract should contain all the relevant clauses that protect the interests of its buyer and provide
an easy loaning facility, which is possible through HDFC Bank, where Mr Raj is the contact
person who would guide you.

Some essential points that a home buyer should include in the agreement are:

  1. The indemnity clause: This clause is carefully drafted between the buyer and the seller to prevent any potential damage that can arise in the future. As a lot of people are involved in the buying and selling of property, hence some legal issues might crop up. Thus this clause serves as a safety measure to prevent loss or damage. FIO HOMES 2 ensures that no such discrepancy arises.