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Six reasons why you should invest in real estate.
August 27, 2022

Six reasons why you should invest in real estate of the various options available for investment, real estate has always been a hot favorite for all seeking long-term benefits. LA-MER, in Zirakpur, has come up to be an excellent investment opportunity for all those wanting to avail profitable returns in the long run. Some important reasons why people consider investing in real estate as the best possible option.

  1. A VALUABLE ASSET FOREVER: Investing in real estate proves to be beneficial for a lifetime as you always own the property and being a tangible asset it can be rented out or mortgaged in times of need. Unlike the stock market which is subject to fluctuations, property prices remain stable for a long time and always give you increasing returns.
  2. TAX BENEFITS : Buying property in real estate helps you claim a lot of tax deductions Thereby helping you save the taxes levied by the authorities. Investors in real estate get Lower tax rates for their long-term investments. More so, there is no self-employment tax on rental income.
  3. AS A SOURCE OF INCOME: Investment in real estate is a source of passive income in terms of rental income. Rental income can be considered one of the best sources of income as it is a fixed income and one can plan his budget accordingly. Investing in LA-MER provides you with the best possible option to not only buy a property, own it, or even rent it out for a fixed and steady income. This passive income offers long-term financial security to the investor.
  4. A SAFE SECURE INVESTMENT: Investing in LA-MER fulfils the criteria of a safe and Secure investment. Associated with the most established KS group, this property is a safe and secure form of investment, providing you with world-class amenities, open space, all the security measures, and all basic conveniences.
  5. APPRECIATION OF VALUE: Property value is bound to increase over time, promising you higher returns. The property available at LA-MER assures you of long-term benefits as with time the value of this investment is bound to increase.
  6. LEVERAGE: Another very important aspect of buying property in LA-MER ensures you that you invest only a small amount as a down payment from your savings and get the rest financed easily. It enables you to own the property with a bit of investment. The tie-up with HDFC loans has made things possible and easy for our investors. Property being a tangible asset will always provide you security for a lifetime as there will always be value in real estate as compared to other forms of investment. Real estate investments are thus always profitable, as compared to other forms of investment such as stocks which have little or no tangible value. Real estate is easy to purchase, provides you with various tax benefits, and enhances your lifestyle. Hence even today of all the forms of investment real estate is supposed to be the safest, secured, and the best form of investment providing you with maximum returns and a guarantee for the future.