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Trends in Real Estate 2022
August 27, 2022

As the world progressively advances in adapting itself to the new challenges offered
post-pandemic, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for property for
investment, safety, and security. The changing trends in the real estate sector have brought about a great evolution with the changing demands of the customers. Some essential trends in real estate:

1. A rapid shift from the city to the suburbs: Post-Covid 19 there has been an increase
in the demand of the people to relocate themselves away from the humdrum of city life and look for office spaces in the suburbs which would provide them all the health benefits and a relaxed atmosphere to work in, LA-MER provides you with all such benefits and open spaces which fulfil the needs of the customer.

2. An investment option: Investment in real estate has increased considerably post Covid 19. It serves as an income-generating asset in times of need and crisis. The changing trends in real estate have resulted in a growth in NRI investment and funding over the last few years resulting in an upward trend in times to come.

3. Growth in online real estate services: Information technology has helped customers research, buy, and sell a property. With the facility of virtual walk-through, the customers can get a complete idea of the property they want to invest in while sitting at faraway locations. Digitisation in real estate has experienced an upward trend adding value to their business. LA-MER provides you with an online facility to look, see and buy the choicest of properties.

4. Lower interest rate: Post-Covid 19 the situation in the real estate sector has changed drastically. The banks offer lower interest rates to the customers encouraging them to invest in property. HDFC Bank ensures this facility to all its customers at LA-MER enabling them easy funding and providing them loans at a lower interest rate.

5. Increase in the demand for the office sector: The office markets have experienced an upswing, especially in the information technology sector. Based on their hiring there has been an incremental demand for office spaces in commercial real estate. The office spaces provided by LA-MER provide you with all the benefits and a suitable and healthy working environment for its employees.

6. Focus on the local market: After the pandemic, the investors now prefer places about which they already have some knowledge and experience. Overcrowding in the cities has led to an increase in the cost and the spread of infection resulting in various complications. The increasing investment in the property at LA- MER has shown the trust and faith of the people in the KS group which is an established name resulting In more and more investment in their commercial spaces. Although it is one of the last markets to embrace digitisation, the real estate industry is actively growing and abiding by the most popular real estate technology trends. By 2022 the investors will lead to a much greater range of opportunities providing more chances to the people.