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Looking for the perfect family home, FIO Homes II
April 15, 2022

What factors make a house a perfect family home? Imagine how your family members will all live in the house, and how the property can adapt to your lifestyle and change your family dynamic for the better. These are all crucial factors to consider. But these aren’t the only factors to consider while deciding. When hunting for your first perfect family house, having a garden and plenty of space inside is often a dream requirement, but being near amenities like good schools, a local park and even a leisure center should be high on your priority list.


Research your area

Searching for your perfect family home can be overly overwhelming, but make it easier by taking the time to envision what your dream property might look like. How many bedrooms should the house have? Is a large garden priority for all? Decide if location the most important factor for you? Having answers to these important questions will help you have a crystal clear idea of what you’re looking for so that you can narrow your search criteria when you’re talking to estate agents. We recommend using one of the various online property websites as a tool to compare different types of homes and their location. Note how prices change location to location and consider how this might affect what you can afford.

Decide on a budget

Having a figure in mind means you can search for homes within a defined price range, giving you a stronger idea about what you can realistically afford and also the elements that you may need to compromise on.

It’s important to remember that you’ll need to set aside additional money apart from your deposit to cover the costs of solicitors, mortgage booking fees, arrangement fees, valuation fees and surveyor fees, as well as lender/broker fees if you decide to use them.

Choosing the right location

This is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects and it’s crucial to think about the needs and priorities of everyone both now and in the future. Transport links to work, to the nearest city or town center and to nearby motorways are also a major consideration, so do your homework about the distance from your potential new home to these areas.
For young, old and all the middle aged families, a garden is a wonderful feature, but it’s also important to be near a park so children can really run around and play. And if you’re close to walking trails, woodland and the countryside it’s even better so that time spent together in the fresh air can be a regular feature of your lifestyle – it’s especially important if you have a l dog in your family.

Easy parking

To avoid fighting with shopping bags and a baby carrier, a safe, secure parking spot such as a garage or a gated driveway would be perfect for added security.

Space to grow

Getting the space right in a family home is key, and for this it’s important to think about how you want to use the house. For you, is the kitchen the heart of your home? Would you like an open plan living space? Do bedrooms need to be of the same size?