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November 24, 2022

The world’s third-largest economy is predicted to be India by 2025, after China and the United States. Thirty years ago, India was widely regarded as the embodiment of global poverty, but in the years following, India has experienced incredible growth, posing a challenge to already established superpowers.

Your life can be significantly impacted by a good investment made at the ideal time and location. Being able to adopt changes in infrastructure, technology, and modern interventions more than any other city makes Punjab one of India’s most advanced states.

The ever-evolving infrastructure of Chandigarh has paved the way for land and technological progress in nearby cities like Mohali, Zirakpur, and Derabassi.

Given the circumstances, Zirakpur has emerged as the most appealing real estate market, especially for those looking to make a reliable property investment. Numerous real estate developers are starting numerous house projects in Zirakpur because of the city’s proximity to Tri-City and abundance of modern conveniences.

FIO Homes 2 in Zirakpur is the ideal place to look if you’re thinking about investing, and KS Group is the best developer to work with.

KS Group is one of the most prominent business conglomerates based in India who is diversifying interests into new industries, including renewable energy, agro-projects, infrastructure development, and real estate. It makes use of a rich legacy to improve communities and alter lives all throughout India. The KS Group will continue to innovate, develop, and push limits in order to consistently outperform expectations as we look to the future.

The KS Group’s FIO Homes 2 residential project has been planned to provide each resident with an unmatched quality of life. These three-bedroom independent apartments are located in Kishanpura, Zirakpur, close to all major destinations.  You would think about the neighborhood’s proximity to educational institutions, hospitals, food options, and marketplaces when looking for the ideal 3BHK residential flats. You would also make every effort to give your family the greatest convenience.  FIO Homes 2, Zirakpur is a gated township that caters to all these needs offering a family-friendly community living with 80+ families already residing.

Let’s look at why Zirakpur should be strongly considered if you want to migrate from anyplace and are seeking a manner of life that meets your needs:

Amazing Connectivity

With the main adjacent cities in Punjab and other states, Zirakpur is well connected. Zirakpur benefits from connectivity due to its proximity to the Chandigarh-Ambala Highway and the fact that it takes 30-45 minutes to go there from Chandigarh. With the help of local buses, both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned, it is well connected to these and other nearby regions. 

In addition, Shimla is only a three-hour drive away, while Delhi is only a four-hour drive. For those who are not relocating there, it feels incredibly fantastic. Additionally, it is only 10 kilometers from the international airport. As a result, Zirakpur is luring both small and large investors because of its seamless connection.

The presence of major retail outlets and shopping centres

The region has seen the opening of several retail stores, including those from Metro retail and Walmart. McDonald’s, KFC, and other fast food restaurants, in addition to retail giants, have opened. In multiplexes, you may have fun and enjoy yourself, your loved ones, and friends. The need for commercial space is growing, and with more families moving to Zirakpur, this town will become one of the major shopping centres in the region. One of the finest things to do is to purchase commercial enterprises like stores and retail outlets.

Massive return on investment 

Purchasing an apartment in Zirakpur is the ideal choice if you look at it from the angle of investments since you can expect to receive hefty profits. Because of the numerous infrastructural improvements being made in the city, this Chandigarh satellite town is already expected to expand quickly. A 200-meter wide, six-lane ring road on Zirakpur also contributes to the reduction of traffic jams by offering an alternative route for Ambala-bound vehicles travelling to Shimla. However, you won’t often discover lengthy traffic jams in this city. 

World – class education facilities

This location, in addition to having all the other amenities, is also a centre for education, home to universities including Chitkara University, SVIET, SUS Tangori, and many others. Due to the abundance of schools and institutions in the region, many students from other cities who need places to stay are seeking for PGs. Therefore, you may purchase an apartment for sale in Zirakpur and rent it out even if you don’t live there. Given the enormous demand for PGs, they can also be a very lucrative source of income.