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Here is why you should invest in the KS Group
May 2, 2022

Commercial properties have been in high demand lately. As a result of increasing business activities, commercial plots and venues have increased in number. A commercial building or plot is developed to carry out revenue and profit generation activities.
A commercial project is vital for a business enterprise due to several reasons. Big and small malls and small and huge market complexes are all commercial projects.
The prices of commercial projects have been soaring drastically over the past few years, so now is the time to do it if you have been thinking to buy a commercial property.
Many things should be taken into consideration before investing in a commercial project. The venue and building plans are of utmost importance. One of the most important aspects is the location and how to fit the market for your products.
If you have been looking for a great, worthy, upscale commercial project to invest in, KS Group’s newest addition to their portfolio, the tranquil LA-MER, is the best commercial property to buy.

What makes LA-MER an ideal choice?

The strategic location makes it the best place to buy commercial property. The LA-MER is located on the Airport Road, which makes it one of the first things tourist spots as soon as they proceed inwards to the city. It also makes a great hotspot for people who have tons of time to spend due to a long layover.

More about LA-MER

LA-MER, the best commercial property to buy, is an upscale shopping complex coming up with at least 63 plots for popular brands and franchises. With its carpet area starting from 495 square feet and stretching up to as much as 2738 square feet, this property is very spacious for businesses. It is becoming difficult to find properties as beautiful as LA-MER at such an important location for such a reasonable price.


The astonishing plots at LA-MER could be yours for prices starting from 3Crore, which is practically nothing for a commercial plot as magnificent as the LA-MER.
For this price, you get a plot in one of the most luxurious and awaited commercial projects in India.


LA-MER is built with vision. A vision to revolutionize the shopping experience. The modern, chic, and culturally-vibrant complex strives to provide world-class amenities under one roof, so the customers don’t have to wander several places for different experiences.
LA-MER also has several restaurants and bars offering great meals and top-quality liquor to top your night outs.

At LA-MER, you experience luxury and grandeur like nowhere else. Apart from shops, eateries, and theme parks, LA-MER also has Electric Vehicle charging stations. Keeping your security in mind, the LA-MER is complex and is under the complete surveillance of CCTV cameras.
If you are thinking to buy a commercial property, contact KS Group today.