Here is why you should invest in Real Estate today

When it comes to the world of real estate, people keep on investing as much money on residential or commercial property. There are even those individuals who remain emotionally unattached and invest as much money as they can in real estate. As a result of which they earn huge profits and live a very comfortable lifestyle. During the downturn in the market, investing in real estate especially at that time can boost up the opportunities of attracting the investors and further bring about lucrative results. If you are thinking about becoming a real estate investor or you are planning to start a new relaxed and pleasant lifestyle, just follow the information. You must always prefer to invest in a place where you have the benefit and invest at the time of downturn in the market.

Besides creating much wealth or residing in a comfortable home you must also keep in mind these important things that play an important role which includes Safe investment, No taxes, almost everyone can invest, and power. Regardless of your economical conditions, real estate investment is the best investment that a person can do.

Here is why you should invest in the KS Group

Commercial properties have been in high demand lately. As a result of increasing business activities, commercial plots and venues have increased in number. A commercial building or plot is developed to carry out revenue and profit generation activities.
A commercial project is vital for a business enterprise due to several reasons. Big and small malls and small and huge market complexes are all commercial projects.
The prices of commercial projects have been soaring drastically over the past few years, so now is the time to do it if you have been thinking to buy a commercial property.
Many things should be taken into consideration before investing in a commercial project. The venue and building plans are of utmost importance. One of the most important aspects is the location and how to fit the market for your products.
If you have been looking for a great, worthy, upscale commercial project to invest in, KS Group’s newest addition to their portfolio, the tranquil LA-MER, is the best commercial property to buy.

What makes LA-MER an ideal choice?

The strategic location makes it the best place to buy commercial property. The LA-MER is located on the Airport Road, which makes it one of the first things tourist spots as soon as they proceed inwards to the city. It also makes a great hotspot for people who have tons of time to spend due to a long layover.

More about LA-MER

LA-MER, the best commercial property to buy, is an upscale shopping complex coming up with at least 63 plots for popular brands and franchises. With its carpet area starting from 495 square feet and stretching up to as much as 2738 square feet, this property is very spacious for businesses. It is becoming difficult to find properties as beautiful as LA-MER at such an important location for such a reasonable price.


The astonishing plots at LA-MER could be yours for prices starting from 3Crore, which is practically nothing for a commercial plot as magnificent as the LA-MER.
For this price, you get a plot in one of the most luxurious and awaited commercial projects in India.


LA-MER is built with vision. A vision to revolutionize the shopping experience. The modern, chic, and culturally-vibrant complex strives to provide world-class amenities under one roof, so the customers don’t have to wander several places for different experiences.
LA-MER also has several restaurants and bars offering great meals and top-quality liquor to top your night outs.

At LA-MER, you experience luxury and grandeur like nowhere else. Apart from shops, eateries, and theme parks, LA-MER also has Electric Vehicle charging stations. Keeping your security in mind, the LA-MER is complex and is under the complete surveillance of CCTV cameras.
If you are thinking to buy a commercial property, contact KS Group today.

2022 Top Benefits of Buying a House

The rapid growth in demand for digitisation gave an unexpected boom to tech workers. With increased demand, techies-mostly Millennials got out of turn promotions, higher salary offers and appraisals, which increased their disposable income and thus provided them with an opportunity to invest in real estate.
Ever since the widely-travelled Millennials have a first-hand experience of luxury they prefer to invest in luxury real estate projects that can help them lead an opulent lifestyle.

The unlocking of wealth in the startup ecosystem is another forceful factor that has pushed the demand for luxury real estate. Employees are diverting the monetised amount to purchase homes as it helps them make better utilization of the monetary funds with huge tax arbitrage.
The luxury housing segment will witness a surge in the top seven real estate markets and travel destinations. While home buyers would be more inclined to opt for high-rise apartments in tier I cities, they would prefer low rise apartments and independent villas in other cities, hence giving a complete boost to the luxury real estate market.

Another major factor is Investment: An underlying motivation

All of us are buying second homes with investment as an underlying motivation. Close to 31 per cent of HNIs believe it is an opportune moment to invest in the residential real estate segment as the sector is expected to resume price escalation by the second half of the year. Although prices have remained stagnant in the last 18 months, improving market sentiments amid growing demand will affect the pricing soon. Investing in luxury residential properties appears to be a prudent decision.

The price escalation phenomenon in the country is contrary to the developed nations where money has almost frozen. Thriving urban centers like the Delhi-NCR, Mumbai Suburbs and holiday destinations like Goa would be an investor’s paradise. These regions have given great returns to investors in the past. With the growing interest of consumers, they can again become revenue generators.

Other contributing factors

Many other contributing factors are augmenting the growth of the real estate segment in general and the luxury realty in particular. A report by a leading financial institution suggests that the unexpected rise in disposable income, very low-interest rates, cut down stamp duties and such other considerations have worked in the beneficial of the real estate segment. If you’ve been actively looking for ways to make a passive income and diversify your investments, 2022 may be an great time to consider buying an investment property.

Return on Investment is one amongst the Many other popular reasons one would think of investing in the stock market before investing in property, but investment property can have a
higher return.

In today’s world, the stock market has a level of volatility that is not as attractive for some investors. Real estate, however, is still going strong. It also has the benefit of being a tangible asset, unlike stock. If you are looking for a good return on investment, a well-chosen rental property could be a better option than growing your stock portfolio.

Rather than buying a first home, consider buying a first rental property. For as long as you choose, someone else can assist pay your mortgage, and you’ll potentially start building equity on your property. You may even be able to make money by charging more in rent than the monthly cost of your property. This extra cash flow can go towards debt, bills, rent or savings for the down payment of your next house.

Looking for the perfect family home, FIO Homes II

What factors make a house a perfect family home? Imagine how your family members will all live in the house, and how the property can adapt to your lifestyle and change your family dynamic for the better. These are all crucial factors to consider. But these aren’t the only factors to consider while deciding. When hunting for your first perfect family house, having a garden and plenty of space inside is often a dream requirement, but being near amenities like good schools, a local park and even a leisure center should be high on your priority list.


Research your area

Searching for your perfect family home can be overly overwhelming, but make it easier by taking the time to envision what your dream property might look like. How many bedrooms should the house have? Is a large garden priority for all? Decide if location the most important factor for you? Having answers to these important questions will help you have a crystal clear idea of what you’re looking for so that you can narrow your search criteria when you’re talking to estate agents. We recommend using one of the various online property websites as a tool to compare different types of homes and their location. Note how prices change location to location and consider how this might affect what you can afford.

Decide on a budget

Having a figure in mind means you can search for homes within a defined price range, giving you a stronger idea about what you can realistically afford and also the elements that you may need to compromise on.

It’s important to remember that you’ll need to set aside additional money apart from your deposit to cover the costs of solicitors, mortgage booking fees, arrangement fees, valuation fees and surveyor fees, as well as lender/broker fees if you decide to use them.

Choosing the right location

This is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects and it’s crucial to think about the needs and priorities of everyone both now and in the future. Transport links to work, to the nearest city or town center and to nearby motorways are also a major consideration, so do your homework about the distance from your potential new home to these areas.
For young, old and all the middle aged families, a garden is a wonderful feature, but it’s also important to be near a park so children can really run around and play. And if you’re close to walking trails, woodland and the countryside it’s even better so that time spent together in the fresh air can be a regular feature of your lifestyle – it’s especially important if you have a l dog in your family.

Easy parking

To avoid fighting with shopping bags and a baby carrier, a safe, secure parking spot such as a garage or a gated driveway would be perfect for added security.

Space to grow

Getting the space right in a family home is key, and for this it’s important to think about how you want to use the house. For you, is the kitchen the heart of your home? Would you like an open plan living space? Do bedrooms need to be of the same size?

Home Loan & Tax Benefits: You Need to Know

Unlike what we imagine, it is super easy and convenient to Apply for Home Loan online. In addition to the existing benefits of availing a home loan, there are 3 Main Benefits of becoming a homeowner in present times.

  1. Many options for homebuyers in the affordable home segment.
  2. GST rates on house purchase have been reduced significantly.
  3. Home loans have become very affordable today with very low interest rates.

Now’s a very good time to become a homeowner; take the first step today.

‘Home’ brings to mind comfort, relaxation, pride and family time. Every owner of house you meet will tell you that her home gives her a sense of identity and its ownership is sacrosanct; this is one big asset one would never trade for anything in the world.

To experience this sense of fulfilment, ownership, pride and joy, now would be a good time to lan your home purchase. Becoming a homeowner needn’t be hard on your pocket. You can Apply for Home Loan and bring alive your dream of owning a home. There are numerous benefits of availing a home loan; you get various tax benefits on interest paid and loan amount repaid; with a Home Loan Apply to achieve homeownership today instead of in future; the home loan provider helps you in terms of assessing the builder’s credibility and track record and the legal documents pertaining to the building.

In addition to all of these plus points, there are 3 key benefits of becoming a homeowner in present imes:

Low property prices: Now homebuyers have various options in the affordable home segment. This has a two-pronged benefit for a home buyer – on one end, they can afford a larger home or purchase a home for a lower amount than they had budgeted. On the other hand, they can enjoy other benefits of buying a home with a home loan such as tax benefits, paying a small amount as down payment and using a home loan to pay the rest, longer loan repayment tenure of up to 30 years etc.

Decreased GST rates on home purchase: GST (Goods and Services Tax) rates on home purchase have been reduced significantly. Currently, the GST rate levied on purchase of residential homes is 5 percent (1 percent for affordable homes) without the benefit of input tax credit (ITC). Buying a home today will give you the benefit of these low rates.

Interest rates dipped: Home loans have become very affordable today with interest rates moving downward in the recent past. Less interest rates result in lower EMI amounts which makes home loans more attractive and affordable.

The main benefit of a home loan is that you can become a homeowner today and you needn’t wait to accumulate sufficient capital to make your home purchase. Also, your home loan repayment tenure can extend up to 30 years depending on your loan eligibility and other norms of the home loan provider (the longer your loan tenure, lower is the EMI amount). This gives you the relaxed feeling of repayment over a long period without putting pressure on your finances.

Although you may be convinced about the need to consider becoming a homeowner today, you may wonder how to go about availing a home loan, which is one of the first steps to your home purchase. One of the simplest ways to avail a Home Loan, Apply Online. If you Apply for Home Loan Online, you can make your application with a few simple steps. For example, HDFC’s online application for a home loan is quick and easy.

Majorly it requires you to do is visit www.hdfc.com, check your loan eligibility, fill in the property details (if you have made your selection), fill the loan application form with your personal details (name, age, income details, etc.), upload your documents (identity proof, address proof, income tax returns, etc.) and
submit. After receiving your loan application, HDFC instantly initiates the processing of your loan and reverts with the loan approval and other terms.

In short, now’s a good time to make the big decision of becoming a homeowner; take the first step today.

Why Real Estate a Good Investment in 2022?

The world has realized that the pandemic is going to change our lifestyle all together. The disruptions and negative effects of unwanted but unavoidable lockdowns are slowly subsiding.

With the markets reopening, the economy is also regaining its lost steam. The real estate sector, in particular, has benefitted from the effects of the Covid-19, and the trend will continue in 2022. While all the real estate segments have received an uptrack, reports suggest that the luxury segment would receive a phenomenal push in 2022.

Last year, the real estate market started on a glamorous note, but the emergence of the second wave robbed it of momentum. The real estate market was momentarily impacted while the country was dealing with a significantly more severe spread of Covid-19 cases. But, the sector bounced back almost immediately with a revived surge in demand. The sales velocity continued through the year and has helped the segment reduce its burden of unsold inventory.

Early this year, the new virus, Omicron threat emerged as a threat to the economy, and experts believed it would significantly impact the country and cast its shadow on the real estate sector.

However, it is rare to keep its growth acceleration constant. The reduction in cases and the learnings from the past waves had prepared the segment, and it has applied them to retain the buyer’s trust.

The premium real estate segment witnessed an uptick last year, and it is expected that the trend will continue in 2022.

Facts are as follows:

Lifestyle Upgrade: A major factor

Upgrading lifestyle amid the pandemic is a major factor that has propelled us all to opt for homes with better amenities. Luxury homes are closer to nature and provide a resort-like feel to the residents. Close to 46 per cent of respondents feel luxury homes are a necessity in the prevailing circumstances. The health advantages of living in spacious and green surroundings are prominent factors attracting buyers to luxury homes.

Widely traveled people and Millennials who have experienced luxury closely wish to live in houses that provide them uber-rich ambience. They are willing to give money on spending for premium luxury real estate for it promises an upgraded lifestyle in the city of their choice.

Six tips for a successful move during the pandemic

Moving to a new house has become highly challenging during the outbreak of COVID-19. But, don’t worry! Careful planning and effective execution can make this entire process much smoother and less stressful for you. Here are some tips to make the whole process a hassle-free experience.

  1. Give yourself extra time.
  2. Look for movers with minimal contact.
  3. Have additional sanitizing materials on hand during the move.
  4. Keep your home well-ventilated while moving.
  5. Postpone your move if you’re sick.
  6. Check your mover’s policies during the pandemic.

Give yourself extra time.

We all know that moving is no easy feat during a pandemic. It takes time, effort, and planning to make sure you are prepared for it. Most people neglect to take care of themselves when packing up their homes or apartments. So, it’s essential to give yourself enough time in your busy schedule to take care of personal hygiene. Regularly wash your hands, disinfect surfaces, eat, rest, and hydrate. 

The process of moving is physically and mentally exhausting. If possible, take some time from work to pack up your valuable belongings to safely and securely store them before the journey begins!

Look for movers with minimal contact.

Health experts advise that maintaining minimal contact and social distancing are effective ways to prevent or spread the virus. So, follow the best moving methods that minimize contact between you and others. 

If you’re thinking about hiring movers, the key is to practice social distancing whenever possible. Many moving companies have implemented new safety measures and offer virtual estimates instead of in-person versions. So, take advantage of this.

Have extra sanitizing materials on hand during the move.

There are many things to make your move-in day go smoothly. One of the most important things you can do is provide enough sanitizing materials and protective equipment for everyone involved in the process. 

A sink with hand soap at both locations would also be great, but if these aren’t available, try to stock up on plenty of hand sanitizer. Other materials you’ll want on hand include gloves and masks. Make sure to pack some paper towels or clean rags for wiping down surfaces after use.

First-time home buyers in India? here is what you need to know

The Indian real estate market is booming, and first-time homebuyers can reap the benefits. Recent reports show that this segment has been growing at an annual rate of 20 percent over the past few years. But as first-time homebuyers, the process of buying a property can be daunting. With so many things to consider, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and make a mistake. That’s why it’s essential to have a guide that outlines the key steps you need to take. Here is a quick guide to follow to make the process as smooth as possible when buying your first home in 2022. 

Step 1: Check your credit score for home loan eligibility

Step 2: Determine how much you can afford

Step 3: Choosing the right location

Step 4: Choosing the right builder 

Step 5: ​Tax implications 

Step 6: Legal clearance

Step 7: Property insurance 

Step 1: Check Your Credit Score For Home Loan Eligibility

If you want to get the most out of your home buying experience, take some time first and do all that research. From checking credit scores to reviewing finances, it’s essential!

A good credit score is required for a first-time homebuyer. This three-digit number summarizes the numbers in your credit report and a detailed document showing how well you have paid off your previous debt, such as credit cards and student loans.

A lender uses your credit score to decide whether or not you are eligible for a loan, how much of a loan they will be giving you, and at what interest. So, it is essential to know your credit score and take steps with overextended debts to bring it up.

Home loan eligibility criteria:

Age18-70 years old
Income:Rs. 25,000
Credit Score:Above 750
Employment Status:Salaried or Non-Salaried
Work Experience:2 Years
Loan Amount:Decided by the lender
Residence Type:Permanent resident or Non-resident Indian (NRI)
LTV Ratio:Up to 90%
Property Type:Completed or Under Construction Project, Land/Plot, Building on Own Land, Buying Land, and Building Home.

Note: Loan eligibility criteria differ depending on the bank or lender. Approvals are based on borrowers’ incomes, credit profiles, and existing relationships with the bank.

To ensure the smoothest home loan experience for you,  KS Group works with some of India’s top banks to offer up to 90% home loans. Below is the list of banks that KS Group has tie-ups with:

FIO Homes II:Canara Bank, India Overseas Bank, ICICI Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, LIC Housing Finance, India Bulls, Aditya Birla.
FIO Homes  I:Canara Bank, India Overseas Bank, ICICI Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, LIC Housing Finance, India Bulls, Aditya Birla, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank.

                                                                                                                                                                *T&C apply 

Step 2: Determine How Much You Can Afford

Before speaking with lenders, figure out how much you can afford for a new house. Setting a budget for your new home will help you decide what to expect. Typically, experts recommend spending no more than 30% of their monthly income on housing costs. Once you know how much money you can spend, consider the lifestyle you want to maintain, check your budget for emergencies and other needs such as retirement, college funds, etc.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Location

No matter your budget, location is always a key factor to consider when buying a home. If you’re not happy with where you live, it can be hard to be content in your home. Whether you’re looking for a place in the city or the suburbs, consider the accessibility, appearance, and amenities of a neighborhood, as well as development plans, when it comes time to choose your new home.

Step 4: Choosing the Right Builder 

It is critical to select a builder with a solid reputation for providing world-class quality and excellent facilities at reasonable prices. For example, KS Group, one of North India’s premier real estate companies, has been at the forefront of establishing highly valued homes and relationships that are highly valued.

Step 5: ​Tax Implications

Buying a home is all about making sure you’re aware of the tax implications. If your property value exceeds Rs 50 lakh, the TDS comes into play from September 1, 2019, so be prepared! In addition, you have to bear the cost of:

  • Registration charge: The registration fee is an additional charge that can vary up to one percent of the total agreement value depending on the state where you live.
  • Stamp duty: This is usually about 5 percent of the market value of a property.

When purchasing property, the legal clearance process is essential that you cannot overlook. Here are the documents to check before buying:

  • Agreement to sell
  • Absolute sale deed and title deed
  • Title search and report
  • Khata certificate
  • Receipt of property tax
  • Encumbrance certificate

Step 7: Property Insurance

Buying a house is one of the most significant investments you will make in your life. Protecting this investment with property insurance is essential to ensure financial stability and peace of mind when moving into that beautiful new home! The cost is relatively low and provides coverage in case of problems with the property title, certain damage, or legal issues. Choosing the right home insurance protects your property and makes the home easier to buy.

We hope that this article has addressed important questions and provided you with all the information you need to start your home buying journey. If you are still undecided about whether or not to buy a home, please reach out to us for more information or advice—our team is more than happy to help!

Important steps to follow while investing in real estate

Real estate investing is becoming popular day by day due to the overwhelming construction of homes for real estate. Investors must follow these steps while investing.

Location: Location is the prior feature that must be kept in mind while investing money in real estate. Look for homes with an excellent location where good schools, growing neighborhoods, area soaked with shopping centers and malls, hospitals and restaurants nearby. Sometimes it is better to pay more for a property but in a good location than bargaining for a place where it is hard to survive and further sell that property.

Long Term: Real estate investing is a long term process. Don’t think that you are going to be a millionaire in a night. It takes years of times in order to get success. Keep a real estate property for at least one year and the rental income generated will ease you to repair and renovate your place.

Lease Option: Never think to rent your property with a lease option however you must either sell or rent it out. A lease option usually brings a hurricane for both buyers and sellers. The tenant will bargain for discount and the further prefer for down payment thus decreasing the value of your property. In the end, the problem is that the tenant will not buy the property at the end and thus your money will be wasted.

Learn – Research and learn everything about the property before you buy it. Usually, you think for money when you buy your property not when you sell your property. Buying the property at the wrong price and at the wrong place could be destructive. One mistake from your side could wipe you out and let you start from zero.

Learn, research, make yourself ready in all aspects of real estate before investing in real estate property.

Successful real estate investing strategies

Reasonably you might be a long-term real estate investor or you might be new to this field the person who wants to hit the high mountains always try to avoid the mistakes in their life.  The real estate market is rapidly evolving in investments, work with strategies and techniques that worked well before and now would absolutely work. Utilize the strategies in the market today as both experienced and new investors discover good as well as bad information.

If you have by chance chosen the wrong resource, you could find yourself directed towards the narrow path instead of zooming on the highway of investing in real estate. A great real estate resource should possess a number of superior qualities revolving around you before you place your trust in it for strategic real estate investing and get success in it. Today in the ever-changing property investing world, to get success in making money you require perseverance, and moreover you need to attain the proper tools for it. The secret to being successful in today’s challenging property investing world is by utilizing the most creative strategies and ideas that have been proven to be successful. If you would like to step into a network of valuable real estate investing then you need to learn more and more about real estate the useful tools required in it and the real method to attain success while investing in real estate.