LA-MER – Technology: The Game-changer in Real Estate

Businesses, especially real estate is growing manifold using technology and it enables its
prospective clients to feel the product virtually. Technological developments have given a
breakthrough to the real estate industry in the past few years.

Use of technology in the real estate sector:

  1. Buying and selling of property: Technology enables buyers to find what they are looking
    for quickly and results in more market activity. With easier platforms to look for your needs,
    many buyers have easily approached the properties of LA-MER which have enabled them
    to find what they are looking for.
  2. Virtual walk-through: This rising concept has given a kickstart to the real estate sector, where one can view the property inside out. Staying in far-off places, where it was difficult to access the property, a virtual walk-through enables you to get a complete picture of the entire project and LA-MER provides complete access to it.
  3. Customisation as per requirement: With the advancement of technology, the buyer can make the perspective changes as per their requirements. LA-MER allows its customers to make the best use of the property they want to invest in as per their requirements and customize accordingly.
  4. Managing repetitive tasks online: Property dealers and real estate agents are often burdened by doing a lot of paperwork and managing and keeping records. But thanks to technology, where these activities can be managed in your computer systems and also enable you to manage market campaigns, appointments, and other tasks.
  5. Property Valuation: Technology helps one to analyze with accuracy, create awareness, and speed up all the market processes. LA-MER provides its investors with ample opportunities to assess the property they want to invest in which can yield better returns in the future, by comparing the property rates.
  6. Internet of Things(IoT): Gaining vast popularity over the last couple of years, the Internet of Things makes it possible for all the gadgets and appliances, inside a property to work in coordination with each other, which requires infrastructural support that is made possible at LA-MER.
  7. Cost-saving Techniques: Concepts like Big Data are more in vogue these days as they increase the margins and cut down on the costs. Blockchain is another important aspect that enables you to maintain the records efficiently and in a sorted fashion.
  8. Impact of the Pandemic: Post Covid 19 there is a great demand for technology in the real estate sector. Some emerging concepts like the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation have experienced a great jump in this field. With all the facilities available on your smartphone people in distant lands can view the entireproperty, staying safe in their homes.

With the idea of a 3-D walkthrough and 360-degree pictures, the technology has gained advancement, and the property at LA-MER is expected to increase more in popularity, as already gaining momentum it has experienced a great rise in its customers. The investors can easily view the property without much time and hassle. With the real estate market getting digital and virtual there has been a significant increase in the use of technology in the real estate market not only in metros and big cities but also in small and upcoming towns.