Why Invest in Commercial Spaces in Zirakpur?

As the economy is witnessing an upward trend in the real estate market over the last few months there is bound to be a boom in the commercial sector of Zirakpur which is an ideal and most profitable investment for all its investors. Zirakpur tops the list where investment in real estate is concerned it is one of the better choices of investment and some of the key factors responsible for its development can be
summarised as

  1. Its proximity to the Tricity: Situated close to Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali,
    Zirakpur has easy access to all these places and can reach them within no time. Lying on
    the National Highway it has good connectivity to Ambala and Delhi with a good network of
    roads and flyovers and a well-established transport system.
  2. Higher rate of interest: The real estate market in Zirakpur is touching a new high with a
    lot of opportunities and affordability for all classes and masses. With higher returns in the
    future, investments have now taken an upswing in Zirakpur with promising returns which
    enable the investors to create more opportunities, and LA-MER is the best possible option.
  3. Its closeness to the international airport: Situated in a prime location at the PR-7
    Airport road and a 10-minute drive from the international airport, LA-MER is an already
    established brand. Its closeness to the international airport makes it a prime spot for
    investment and the first choice of all investors.
  4. Closeness to the international brands: LA-MER has great potential and is a new
    destination in Zirakpur being the first choice of investors. Many International eating joints like
    McDonald’s, Dominos, Baskin Robin, Burger King, Starbucks, and KFC surround our project.
    Showrooms like DMart, Decathlon, and Tata Croma are all close to our project. To enjoy the
    Indian delicacies Sagar Ratna, Bikaner, Barbeque Nation, and Cafe Coffee Day are all
    present in Zirakpur. Branded stores like Levi’s, H&M, Adidas, and Reebok are all located
    close to LA-MER. To enjoy a movie with your loved ones you can always visit the Inox
    located close to our project. LA-MER is just two minutes away from the Cosmo Mall and
    three minutes away from Metro/ Best Price.
  5. Newly designed office spaces: Keeping in mind the present-day situation,
    post-pandemic, the office spaces are designed to make the employee feel innovative and
    energetic. All facilities regarding, security, health, hygiene, power backup, etc. are provided
    here. The employee being the center of attraction, provisions are made for his leisure and
    comfort as well and provide him a work area where he can feel at ease.
    Being an upcoming brand LA-MER already has a lot of investors who are already making
    the best use of this opportunity. The prices are being revised regularly, it has already started
    ‘with the possession of its plots. Being an important commercial space of Zirakpur
    is an ideal site for investment as the brand is gaining popularity day by day.


With the advancement of technology, the advent of digital dashboards, and a wide range of mobile applications there has been a radical reformation in the real estate market. Technology has proved to be a boon in the case of real estate as it helps to speed up the transactions and coordinate the property management techniques.

After the pandemic, the advancement of technology in real estate has touched new heights. Keeping in mind all the health and safety concerns there has been substantial growth in property technology.

Technology today is benefiting both buyers and sellers. Starting from scratch, all the actions be it drafting, marketing, construction, or financing are all dependent upon technology today. In the past couple of years, there has been a huge shift from off-line to online buying of property which shows the immense impact of technology in the real estate sector.

From Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality, FIO Homes II have already imbibed the concept and enabled a virtual walk-through of their entire project and has witnessed significant growth in recent years.

With the rise of several platforms for property search, and the data being easily accessible online, the search for FIO Homes II is just a click away, as all the relevant information can easily be gathered online on your smartphones.

Technology has widely benefited the investors, as with the Predictive Analysis Technique, the investors can gauge the rise in the property prices and evaluate the possible rise in the future.

The concept of a Smart Home has been made possible with FIO Homes II, where a large number of gadgets and appliances work by managing the devices on an application based on your smartphone. Setting reminders, managing your bills, etc. all require modern infrastructural facilities, which are easily supported by our project.

Due to a rapid increase in the demand for societies and flats, the growing rate of urbanization, and a drastic change in lifestyles, the advancement of technology has proved to be a blessing. People sitting in far-off places can get an exact picture of the flat they want, either for residing or for sale and purchase can do all their transactions online within a short period, all as a result of technology. FIO Homes II, an ultra-modern project, suits the requirements of all kinds of buyers and provides them with an online facility for all their transactions. The cloud services have benefitted the real estate stakeholders as they can easily access any property documents from their current location.

Moreso, easy financing options available with FIO Homes II have made it possible for the buyers to invest here.

The old and conventional methods have easily been replaced by the new real estate technology, where Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation have revolutionized the real estate sector, making it more user-friendly, convenient, and reliable. Technology is bound to grow in the coming years which is going to result in the ease of transactions, transparency, and advanced mechanism.

LA-MER – Technology: The Game-changer in Real Estate

Businesses, especially real estate is growing manifold using technology and it enables its
prospective clients to feel the product virtually. Technological developments have given a
breakthrough to the real estate industry in the past few years.

Use of technology in the real estate sector:

  1. Buying and selling of property: Technology enables buyers to find what they are looking
    for quickly and results in more market activity. With easier platforms to look for your needs,
    many buyers have easily approached the properties of LA-MER which have enabled them
    to find what they are looking for.
  2. Virtual walk-through: This rising concept has given a kickstart to the real estate sector, where one can view the property inside out. Staying in far-off places, where it was difficult to access the property, a virtual walk-through enables you to get a complete picture of the entire project and LA-MER provides complete access to it.
  3. Customisation as per requirement: With the advancement of technology, the buyer can make the perspective changes as per their requirements. LA-MER allows its customers to make the best use of the property they want to invest in as per their requirements and customize accordingly.
  4. Managing repetitive tasks online: Property dealers and real estate agents are often burdened by doing a lot of paperwork and managing and keeping records. But thanks to technology, where these activities can be managed in your computer systems and also enable you to manage market campaigns, appointments, and other tasks.
  5. Property Valuation: Technology helps one to analyze with accuracy, create awareness, and speed up all the market processes. LA-MER provides its investors with ample opportunities to assess the property they want to invest in which can yield better returns in the future, by comparing the property rates.
  6. Internet of Things(IoT): Gaining vast popularity over the last couple of years, the Internet of Things makes it possible for all the gadgets and appliances, inside a property to work in coordination with each other, which requires infrastructural support that is made possible at LA-MER.
  7. Cost-saving Techniques: Concepts like Big Data are more in vogue these days as they increase the margins and cut down on the costs. Blockchain is another important aspect that enables you to maintain the records efficiently and in a sorted fashion.
  8. Impact of the Pandemic: Post Covid 19 there is a great demand for technology in the real estate sector. Some emerging concepts like the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation have experienced a great jump in this field. With all the facilities available on your smartphone people in distant lands can view the entireproperty, staying safe in their homes.

With the idea of a 3-D walkthrough and 360-degree pictures, the technology has gained advancement, and the property at LA-MER is expected to increase more in popularity, as already gaining momentum it has experienced a great rise in its customers. The investors can easily view the property without much time and hassle. With the real estate market getting digital and virtual there has been a significant increase in the use of technology in the real estate market not only in metros and big cities but also in small and upcoming towns.

Ready to Move Apartments – FIO Homes II

Out of some of the best residential properties available in Zirakpur, FIO Homes has already launched another project FIO Homes ll, after the great success of FIO Homes l, The KS group is providing you with ready-to-move apartments with all the modern amenities.

Reasons to choose FIO Homes II:

  1. Reasonably priced apartments: The ready-to-move-in apartments available at FIO Homes II are very economically priced and suit the pocket of every buyer. Starting at a very nominal range of 51 lakhs only, the apartments offer ample facilities to their customers making them suitable for them and fitting in their budget.
  2. Facilities offered in the apartment: FIO Homes II are built with ultramodern facilities, these apartments cater to all your basic needs providing you with a covered parking area, earthquake-resistant construction, lush green parks, a clubhouse, and a well-developed security system with 24/7 CCTV surveillance.
  3. A RERA registered project: FIO Homes II, is a very well thought out and planned residential project after its huge success in FIO Homes I. This venture by the KS group has rightfully and lawfully been approved by RERA and provides its buyers ample loans from the respective banks to fulfill their dreams.
  4. Nearby facilities: Being close to our project, FIO Homes II are educational institutions like Gurukul school and Saint Xavier’s school which are just 10 minutes away. Two minutes from the residential area is the facility of a bank or an ATM. The well-known Paras Mall to suit all your needs and requirements is only 10 minutes away. Eating joints like KFC and McDonald’s and the well-developed market of sector 20 Panchkula, again stand at a distance of 10 minutes. For any kind of medical emergency, the Alchemist Hospital is also just 10 minutes from FIO Homes II.
  5. Clean environment: FIO Homes II, provide you not only the apartments with modern amenities and facilities. It also takes care of your health by providing a lush green environment with healthy and clean surroundings with the facility of parks and a green area to provide all the health benefits.
  6. Excellent infrastructural facilities: Besides the use of modern techniques and modern equipment the rooms are well-planned and every inch of space has been best utilized. Excellent use of woodwork, tiles, marble, stone, etc. all add to the beauty of the apartment. The built-in cupboards, proper lighting, spacious kitchen, and a beautifully done-up lobby, all keeping in mind the Vastu of the house are a dream come true for any family.

The KS Group has established a name in residential and commercial properties catering to an eminent set of buyers. Offering you a well-established 3BHK in Zirakpur for residential purposes as well as for buying and selling they offer you the finest of products you would ever think of. The proposed airport Road – PR 7 and a 10-minute proposed 50 acres Green Park all add to the attraction of this project. The dream of a luxurious home, which one would like to own and settle down with their family has been made true by FIO Homes II.

More Reasons for you to Invest in FIO Homes II Zirakpur

The most upcoming and trending location in the heart of every builder, today is Zirakpur.
With the lack of space in the adjoining areas of Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, and Ambala,
the area in and around Zirakpur has come up as an important destination where builders are
showing a keen interest. It has experienced considerable growth in the past couple of years
and FIO Homes II now offers something for people of all age groups.

  1. Modern and eye-catching flats: Being an upcoming town, flats in Zirakpur and its nearby
    area are built keeping in mind the modern techniques with excellent infrastructure facilities,
    fantastic woodwork, marble work, and stonework. The flats being constructed by FIO Homes
    are a dream come true for any buyer who wants to own a home in and around Zirakpur.
  2. Excellent investment opportunities: Buying a flat in FIO Homes II today would enable
    you to reap the benefits at a later stage, as being an upcoming area the property prices are
    bound to increase later where your investment shall definitely prove fruitful.
  3. Proximity to the Tricity: Neighboring the borders of Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali,
    FIO Homes II is a well-established project where people from the Tricity seek flats as it is
    within their reach and allow easy accessibility to the Tricity.
  4. Excellent connectivity: Zirakpur, being a new town has a good network of roads and
    transportation facilities. Lying on the Chandigarh Ambala highway it has easy access to
    Delhi as well. The well-developed flyovers and highways offer great connectivity to other
    destinations of Himachal like Shimla, Manali, etc. making it easy to commute.
  5. Home to many international brands: Many eating joints like Pizza Hut, Burger King,
    KFC, Starbucks, and Dominos are all present in Zirakpur today. Lying close to Zirakpur, FIO
    Homes II
    makes it convenient for you to access them here. Big brands like Walmart, Metro,
    and Best Price are important shopping outlets, also located here.
  6. Closeness to many IT hubs: Chandigarh IT Park and the Quark City in Mohali are all in
    proximity of the project FIO Homes II. Not only does it provide excellent employment
    opportunities to its residents it also provides homes at reasonable rates to people working in
    these destinations
  7. Educational facilities: Many engineering colleges have come up in Zirakpur and its
    adjoining areas raising the demand for PGs where the flats can be rented out. Chitkara
    University, SUS Tangori, and SVIET are some of the major educational attractions in
  8. Reasonable living options: FIO homes II offers 3BHK flats depending upon the need
    of its customers. With affordable rates and excellent facilities offered, FIO homes II caters
    to people of all kinds enabling them to establish themselves as per their convenience and
  9. Suitable for all age groups: Be it, kids or youngsters, elders, housewives or families
    Zirakpur is one place suitable for people of all age groups. FIO Homes II has flats that are
    available at affordable prices with lush green parks, a foolproof security system, a gym, a
    play area, and an easy approach to the market which make it more liveable and comfortable.

Out of the many reasons for buying a flat in and around Zirakpur, some key reasons can be
summarised as an excellent place for investment, availability of property at affordable prices,
a new and an upcoming town, proximity to the Tricity and international airport, lush green
environment, a well-styled and luxurious living, well-established transport system with roads,
flyovers and highways and availability of ultra-modern amenities. These few features make
FIO Homes II a choice of the masses with great demand in the future.